Is your CBD a full-spectrum/whole plant extract, synthetic, or an isolate?

Luminous Herb's CBD products are all THC free and are designed for infusion with pharmaceutical grade cbd isolate. (Full spectrum tinctures coming soon) 


Do I need to be a certain age and/or have a permit or medical card to buy products from Luminous Herb?

You do not need a medical marijuana card. Anyone 18 or older can purchase products online, or in any retail location.


What other ingredients are in your CBD tincture?

Luminous Herb's CBD oil is made from 99.9%+ (pharmaceutical grade) isolate. We use Organic MCT coconut oil and an optional natural flavoring for a simple, 3 ingredient tincture.


Can I pass a drug test using products from Luminous Herb?

Although it is possible and very likely to pass a drug test, we make no guarantees that you will pass a drug test. To read more about how drug testing works using products with less than the legal limit of THC which is .3% please do your own research. Luminous Herb takes no responsibility for any failed drug test claimed by customers.


Are your products legal in the United States?

YES our products are 100% legal. All of our products are derived from legally grown hemp, considered legal worldwide, and the use and/or possession of this our products is either deemed legal or is unregulated by drug enforcement agencies and governments. In the United States, the use of industrial hemp categorizes the oil as “food-based/dietary supplements” and as such is perfectly legal.


What kind of extraction method do you use and where does your hemp come from?

Luminous Herb uses Industrial-scale ethanol extraction, and our hemp comes locally in the Pacific Northwest.


Have products on LUMINOUSHERB.COM been approved by the FDA?

No CBD oil products have been approved by the FDA. They are, however, stringently regulated and must comply with the provisions of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act as regulated by the FDA.